BrighterDaze Farm is a family owned and operated horse farm in Newark, IL. We provide a beautiful, easy going environment where people can just relax and enjoy their horse. All disciplines are welcome but we specialize in trail riding. We have about 600+ acres of trails winding through fields, forest, creeks and ravines that are open all year round. Best of all we have a group of friendly, laid back trail riders who are always looking to have a good time. 

BrighterDaze Farm......

BrighterDaze Farm......


Our Beginning

BrighterDaze Farm started as a breeding facility for Rocky Mountain Horses. For ten years we bred, trained and sold beautiful Rocky Mountain horses that became beloved companions to many enthusiastic trail riders. As trainers we believe in natural horsemanship and use many of the same training methods as the Lakota people. We don't "break" horses, we teach them. 

Around the Water Cooler....

Our Philosophy 

We believe that horses are at their happiest and healthiest when they are allowed to interact as a herd in a natural environment. This is why we pasture all of our horses together in our 40 acre pasture. The pasture is partially wooded with a creek running through the pasture. There are both man made and natural shelters for the horses to utilize and several automated watering systems available for them to use. The horses are given unlimited pasture time day and night. 



The Trails: 

BrighterDaze Farm has direct access to aproximately 600 acres of trails just outside the barn. No trailering required, though on occasion we will go on an adventure. Our trails go over creeks, through the woods, down ravines and across wide open fields. We never close our trails so we have tons of fun riding in the sun, snow, moonlight, whatever. 


The best thing about BrighterDaze Farm is our wonderful, friendly boarders. We are so lucky to be able to share our farm with such happy, kind, and fun-loving people!